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Representing clients throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1995

Conveniently located in Bellevue’s central business district, Betts Austin has represented clients throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1995.

Our clients include closely-held businesses and their owners, estates and trusts, and individuals with both taxable and nontaxable estates.

Collectively, the attorneys in our firm have over one hundred years of practice experience in estate planning, probate and trust law, business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, real property law, retirement planning, charitable giving, and federal, state and local taxation.

Rob Betts is a Fellow in the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel ("ACTEC"). Tim Austin and Cindy Stakset hold Masters of Laws (LL.M.) degrees in taxation; Tim from the University of Florida and Cindy from the University of Washington. Native Washingtonians all, Rob, Tim and Cindy earned their undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Washington. Will Johnson heads up our affiliated office in Bellingham and also holds a Masters of Laws (LL.M.) degree in taxation from the University of Florida. Please contact any of us directly, either by phone or email to set up a consultation so that we may together determine whether our services are right for you.

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11120 N.E 2nd Street, Suite 200, Bellevue, Washington 98004


Phone: (425) 450-3300
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Areas of Practice

estate planning

Betts Austin works with individuals in designing and implementing their estate plans. For clients with taxable estates we offer a range of alternatives for reducing their tax exposure. For individuals with nontaxable estates we identify and recommend the most direct and efficient solutions that will satisfy the client's goals. For the closely held business owner we assist in developing a succession plan for the business in connection with the business owner's estate plan.

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bUSINESS Acquisitions,   Mergers, and Reorganizations

Betts Austin represents clients in connection with business acquisitions, mergers and other tax-free reorganizations. These transactions typically involve complex federal income tax considerations which all of the attorneys in the firm see on a regular basis. We endeavor to structure each and every such transaction so as to minimize the overall tax exposure to both the business and its owners.


We regularly assist clients in matters of estate and trust administration, including the preparation of federal and state estate and gift tax returns.

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Federal, State and Local Taxation

We represent clients on a wide range of federal, state and local tax matters. We not only assist clients in arranging their affairs to minimize their tax exposure, but we also represent taxpayers in tax controversies before federal, state and local tax authorities and tribunals. Our tax expertise extends to income taxes, estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes, sales and use taxes, gross receipts taxes, real estate excise taxes,  and real and personal property taxes.

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We also assist clients in the formation of business entitles, including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. In selecting the appropriate entity in which to conduct business our attorneys pay particular attention to tax considerations, both in the short and long-term, as planning for the ultimate sale of a business should often begin at the time of formation.

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Aviation Taxation

In his Of Counsel status to Aero Law Group PC, Tim Austin regularly advises clients on matters concerning the federal, state and local tax issues associated with the acquisition, ownership and operation of business and commercial aircraft.


The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.
— Albert Einstein


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Please contact any of us directly, either by phone or email to set up a consultation.

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Our goal is to render exceptional legal advice, at a reasonable cost, that our clients can rely on for years to come.